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Account Registration Flow

1.Click on the Account Registration button on our Website.

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2.Enter your email address in the email address form and click on Send.


3.Confirm that your email is correct and click on Send.


4.If the email has been sent correctly, the following page will appear.


5.A reception email will be sent to your email address to continue the account registration process.


Please click on the URL inside that email and enter your password for your account.


6.If the password has been set correctly, the account registration is complete.

* If you do not receive an email from us, please check your junk email inbox.

Based on your email settings, it is possible that emails from TRADE200 will reach your junk email inbox.

Step1. Email to be sent to you Step2. Receive email from TRADE200 Step3. Set password and complete registration Free Membership Account No-hassle account registration, same day trading!